PLAYit App Loot : Collect 5 Cards & Get Rs 500-Rs 5000 Free PayTM cash


PLAYit App Loot, PLAYit App Refer Code | PLAYit App is has now comes with an loot promotional offer. Where if you collect all the 5 cards and you will get Free Paytm cash upto Rs 5000. Now in this offer you have to collect 5 different Card by doing different tasks like Referring friends ans also you can share your and friends card to each other. By collecting cards you can get Rs 500 to Rs 5000 Free PayTM cash by Redeeming it. So hurry up & gran this.

PLAYit App Loot

Collect Cards From Playit App :

  • Collect Playit Love Card
  • Collect Playit Happy Family Card
  • Collect Playit Wealth Card
  • Collect Playit Health & Safety Card
  • Collect Playit Career Growth Card
  • Share Extra Card With Friends
  • Invite Friends
  • Speed Control Video
  • Use Mp3 Converter
  • Play Lucky Spin
  • Download One Video
  • Watch One Minute Videos
  • Listen Two Music Songs

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How to avail PLAYit App Loot Offer and Get Free PayTM cash upto Rs 5000?

1. Install PLAYit App Here

2. Open App and Go to Dashboard and Close the App.

3.  Now Go to PLAYit Page Here

4. Click on Win cash option

5. Now Tap on Ty button and you will get a Card free

6. Enter PLAYit Refer Code: gej2

7. You will get 1 more card by entering refer code

8. Now Collect All Five Cards by Completing Different Tasks.

9. After Collecting All 5 Cards, you can withdraw your earnings in your PayTM Wallet

That’s it! Now complete all the tasks to collect cards

Terms & Conditions :

1.Activity time: July 16, 2020 10:00 am – July 22, 2020 24:00 pm

2. Users can collect all 5 card [‘love’, ‘health & safety’, ‘wealth’, ‘career growth’ and ‘happy family’ ] through the card drawing.

3. The system will give one card drawing opportunity every day, and would be given only when users enter the activity page.

4. Users can earn draw chance by completing tasks. User can invite 100 friends and send card to friend once per day. Other missions can only be done once during the whole activity.

5.You can give cards to your friends and also ask your friend to send you cards

6. Users can only send the cards they have to others, the amount of card would be less no matter your friend receive or not, and the receive link would expire after other users receive or the activity is over.

7.Users who collect a whole set of [‘love’, ‘health & safety’, ‘wealth’, ‘career growth’ and ‘happy family’ ] cards can carve up 10 million Rs and immediately get a random cash reward. The same mobile phone number/ account/ device/ IP can only get cash reward one time.

8.The amount of cash you win is related to the time it takes to collect cards. The earlier you collect, the more cash rewards you get. The first 1000 users will receive an additional cash reward of ₹501. If you rank after 1000 with the last three digits 101, you can win extra ₹101.

9.Users need to share activity posters 3 times, pass the mobile phone number and personal information (including paytm account) verification before withdrawing cash. Users need to apply for withdrawal befor the event over. The event would be closed at the end of the event.

10.The bonus would be received within 1-15 work days after withdraw, please kindly check. if you have any other questions, please check FAQ.

11.If the user uninstalls PLAYit APP during the event and the event data and bonus are lost, PLAYit will not bear any responsibility.

12.The final interpretation of the activity is vested in PLAYit.


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